Dive into the world of RAS-1, where music and art collide to create a unique Southern California vibe. Explore the legacy of a musician who has been a cornerstone of the reggae-jam subculture and discover the visual art that captures the essence of the Golden State


A Versatile Talent Shaping the California Reggae-Jam Subculture

Richard Arthur Smith, known professionally as RAS-1, is a multifaceted artist making waves in the music and art world. His extensive contributions as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and visual artist have significantly influenced the California reggae-jam subculture

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RAS-1 is a pivotal figure in the California reggae-jam subculture, known for his contributions as a musician and visual artist.

Early Life and Musical Roots

Richard Arthur Smith, known professionally as RAS-1, is a dynamic figure in the music and art scene. As a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and visual artist, RAS-1 has left an indelible mark on the California reggae-jam subculture.

Born into a musical family, RAS-1 is the son of Dora Gail Smith, a member of the all-girl Long Beach jazz quartet Dream. His musical journey began in his teenage years with a psychedelic rock band called The Griffin and continued with Jah Children, a reggae band that played local parties and opened for Sublime.

RAS-1’s career took off as an original member of Long Beach Dub Allstars, a band that rose from the legacy of Sublime. He contributed his talents on guitar and lead vocals, co-writing hits like “Sunny Hours” and creating the classic “Trailer RAS”.

He also played with Long Beach Shortbus, alongside notable musicians such as former Sublime bassist Eric Wilson and Trey Pangborn of Falling Idols.

In addition to his musical endeavors, RAS-1 is celebrated for his visual art, which resonates with the classic Southern California style. His artwork has been commissioned by various brands, reflecting his diverse creative talents.

Currently, RAS-1 continues to perform as a solo act, with Jack Keller on bass and Joel Aguilar on drums, bringing his signature sound to fans old and new.

Career Trajectory and Discography

Solo Career and Discography

RAS-1 has been focusing on his solo act in recent years, performing with Jack Keller on bass and Joel Aguilar on drums. His solo work includes a 10″ EP titled “Bottles to the Ground,” which features tracks such as “Not Sorry,” “All Alone,” “California Radio,” “Take Me Home,” and “Pollywog Song.” This EP showcases RAS-1’s gritty authenticity and original Long Beach reggae sound, with a nod to the future.



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